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Anne Packard: Introspective

Anne Packard is a nationally recognized painter from Provincetown, Massachusetts. The painting tradition is strong in Anne Packard’s family from her grandfather Max Bohm, a turn of the century impressionist, to her grandmother, great-aunt, uncle, mother, and daughter.
From her sketches and line drawings to finished pastels and works on paper, this 176 page hardcover book takes the reader on a unique journey through Anne Packard’s creative process. Essays by David Michaelis and Peter Frank.

The book includes a DVD with a 30 minute documentary about the artist, produced by Shout and Emily Lau (History Channel, Discovery Network). Art Direction, Design, Production, and Documentary by Shout.

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This book is available for $95.

Anne Packard

We apologize, but this book is out of print. In this sweeping retrospective collection, artist Anne Packard presents the mature work of a keen observer of life, the world, and her beloved Cape Cod. Most pointedly, she captures Provincetown’s hooked harbor and expansive sky as grand as a western sky above the plains, reaching beyond its precarious perch. Anne Packard’s work is raw and mysterious, sharing her studies of personal solitude and a glimpse into her enduring creative devotion to the moods and grandeur of light. The work is accompanied by text from contributing writers, as well as a personal artist statement from Packard. A 2007 Benjamin Franklin award-winner for Best Art Book, this limited, numbered edition is also signed by the artist.

Benjamin Franklin Award Comments from the judges:

“Obviously an exceptional art book, example of what an art book at its best is meant to be and can be, both the production/design quality and the art/paintings are outstanding”

“Breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and emotionally involving, such is the presentation offered by the large format and color quality reproduction of Packard’s work. The quiet layout is powerful, it lets the paintings speak for themselves. The text accompanying some of the works is insightful.”

Anne Packard is a breathtaking volume of artwork. It has been designed with such care and attention to detail that I really have very little to say. The size is amazing-I have nearly dropped it a couple of times because its weight and slick cover make it slippery-and yet it struck me for this art it is the perfect size. Nothing else would do it justice. The pictures are beautiful, but they are enhanced even more by the incredibly generous use of white space. The short simple descriptions of the images make them seen as if both the words and the images are floating in air, connected but not connected. The quality of care can also be seen in the necessary, but often ignored title and copyright pages. This is an exquisite volume, one of the best submitted in this category this year.”